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How to Activate Norton Security 2018 Product Key

· Norton Tech Support

Norton security is one of the front-runners of the antivirus community. It has been providing its users with a lot of options when it comes to computer security. It provides next-generation level protection to desktops through the use of heuristics and signatures. Customers have shown appreciation for this particular software due to its many great features like child lock security features to prevent kids from accessing harmful contents and making their internet experiences worthwhile. And apart from its malware and virus protection features it also provides the possibility to move the protection from one place to another and also lets users add more protection as they get more devices. So for those of you wondering how to get a subscription to Norton Security 2018 all you need to do is to enter the Norton Product Key. The activation of this key would allow you to use and enjoy all the various features Norton has in store for you.

After reading the above statement, if you are wondering How to Activate Norton Security 2018 Product Key then look no further as this blog will guide you to successfully enter and activate it in your computer. To continue with the activation process you can attend to the following instructions:

  1. Download Norton Security 2018 license and after downloading it, you need to locate it on your computer.
  2. Now go to the‘downloads’folder and run the downloaded link as an administrator in your computer.
  3. You will be prompted to install Norton security 2018, press‘ok’.
  4. After the installation process is done you are required to make an account.
  5. Make an account by clicking the‘account’button and enter the desired email address and password to avail the activation code.
  6. Open your Norton account and under product details, you will find the product key
  7. Enter the 25 digit product key in the respective field. Make sure you check that the digits are correct. After confirming this, click on ‘ok’ to Activate Norton Security 2018.

These steps will guide you in activating your Norton product key just make sure that the product key digits have been entered correctly.

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